Scale nudes ("naked little ones") for your layouts. Nudist colonies, and figure painters, artists and more.

Naked little people have been fixtures on European layouts for a long time. From nudist colonies (and people peeking through the fences) to the popular nude beaches scale nudes have been popular, but difficult to find in this country. For awhile, we imported, and stocked a variety of nude figures, from swimmers and sunbathers to artist figure models. Some are quite humorous, such as a "peek" through that open window as the train rolls by. Others are simply recreational.

While nude beaches have not been as popular in the US as they have been in Europe and other countries, the "skinny dipping" around the old watering hole, or filled in rock quarry are memories many of us have, and would like to add. Quarries are part of the mining operations of a model railroad. Abandoned ones have been filled in and used as lakes.

Several new figures are being released, as well as some pre-modeled scenes, and we'll be offering them through this website as they become available. While some of the figures come in sets, we usually open and rearrange the sets, and sell the figures individually, or in different groups for more creative modelling possibilities.

PUGDOG Enterprises, Inc. ® and other local shops and groups, are working to bring a new exciting hobby environment to Pittsburgh. This includes classic crafts like beading, paper crafts, origami, macrame, wood working, dollhouses, model building, model railroading and more. Too much emphasis has been put on the "new hobbies" like RC Autos, which do not really foster the classic hobby ideals of relaxation, non-competition, team work, and skills building. Sports, and competitions, are not really "hobbies", they are activities.

Model Trains, and model railroading in general, capture the spirit of the classic crafts in a way no other single hobby activity can. Model railroading brings together families and people of all ages, with wide and diverse interests, who work together towards the common goal of building and operating a miniature slice of life beit real or fantasy. The memories and friendships made during these activities not only last a lifetime, but color it as well.

We are hoping OurModelTrains.com will become a place to share your layouts, tips, hints, construction techniques and unique solutions, as well as meet new friends, and maybe start up new clubs.

We are working on the back end of the site, and once we are done, we'll open up.

02 June 2005
We are working on some ideas for bringing hobby excitement back to Pittsburgh, and giving a new generation the benefits of having a real hobby.
02 June 2005
We are starting to figure out what we are doing with this site (and a few others). Keep an eye peeled, and check the other sites listed. HobbyWire.com and PittsburghHobbies.com will be the two main sites.


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